domingo, 10 de abril de 2016

Asus Gamepad TV500BG

Windows 10 (64bits) Drivers:

Windows 10 Installation
1.- Install the Driver.

2.- Put the controller on Pairing
  • Press the "Power button". The four lights will start blinking in order. 
  • Press the "Circle + back arrow" at the same time for three seconds. All the lights will start blinking at the same time.

3.- Look for Windows 10 Bluetooth pairing options

 Find the Asus controller.

Select "Pair"

You will be asked for the passcode. Leave it blank and press next.
Windows will start to update something.

In a while you will see the device as "Connected"
The controller will now have only the first light square lighted up.

If you go now to "Control Panel - Game Controller" you may find your controller to test that it is working.

Windows 10 Normal use after you install it.
When you turn off the Gamepad by pressing the power button Windows will make the disconnect device sound.

If you turn it on again, the four lights will blink in other again and Windows will catch it fast and make the "connecting sound" and the first light of the controller will remain lighted up.