martes, 18 de abril de 2017

Sony's TV Android 6 nasty bug - TV won't turn on.

Update March 2017: The bug has been fixed after almost after four months of having this nasty bug on your TV (Fix: 4/18/2017 Version PKG3.865.0136NA). Some countries (like mine) does not haven an update yet.

Sony updated some TV's to Android 6.0 on mid-December of 2016. This update introduced a bug on some TV's. The TV will no longer turn on (quickly) after a period of time that it is turned off.

Symptom: The TV won't turn on with the remote's power button. On my case the bottom light of the TV will remain in color yellow, and the power buttons just remain unresponsive. After 4 minutes of waiting the light will turn off and the TV will restart complete showing the Android boot animation logo.

It is very annoying since you can not quickly turn on your TV.

Sony's Support: Sony support may suggestion your two things:
1) To make a factory reset of the TV. With this the TV will work fine for a week and after that the bug will show up again.

2) They may change your mainboard, but when it get updated again to version 6.0, the bug will show up again.

Cause: Complaining around on the Sony forum some user found which component may be the issue of the bug. If you turn off the Wifi of the TV, the bug will not show. At the same time it will cripple the TV since wifi it is very important, but it is very interesting that the possible cause of the issue was found.

Affected Models: For the moment this are the affected models reported on the forum:
  • KDL-50W800C - SVPDTV15_UC-user 6.0.1 MMB29V.S4.3.709 release-keys.
  • KDL-50W805C
  • KDL-50W809C - 6.0.1  - PKG3.707.0120BRA - SVPDTV15_BR-user 6.0.1 MMB29V.S3 3.707 release-keys.
  • KDL-55W800C  - PKG3.709.0120NAA
  • KDL-55W808C
  • KDL-65W850C
  • KDL-75W850C
  • XBR-55X850C
  • XBR-55X850D

Sony told on the forum that the bug has been recognized, but it haven't post a fix for the issue in four months.


Sony Forum US -After Marshmallow Update Dec 2016 KDL-55W800C non ...

martes, 4 de abril de 2017

The OneLink and the Onelink+ Dock Ports

It seems that someone missed to tell this to the Internet. Some Lenovo Thinkpad computers has a dock port call OneLink and it was upgraded to the OneLink+.

Even that it seems that both ports are compatible, they are also different.

OneLink Port

The OneLink Port (female) has protective plastic cap. Here goes some pictures of the Lenovo Thinkpad OneLink port:

OneLink Port - Male
OneLink port - Female with Cap

OneLink port - Female with Cap

OneLink Port - Female - No Cap

OneLink+ Port

Here goes some pictures of the Lenovo Thinkpad OneLink+ port. Please notice the difference.

OneLink+ Port Male
OneLink+ Port Female
OneLink+ Female Port on Thinkpad

OneLink+ Female Port on Thinkpad

Some cables and devices for the OneLink port.

Part Number: 4X90G85927

Resultado de imagen para ThinkPad OneLink Dock  Part number:4X10A06077
ThinkPad OneLink Dock 
Part number:4X10A06077


Resultado de imagen para ThinkPad OneLink Pro Dock

 Some cables and devices for the OneLink+ port.


ThinkPad OneLink+ to VGA/RJ45 Adapter

Resultado de imagen para ThinkPad OneLink + DockPart number:40A40090US
ThinkPad OneLink + Dock Part number:40A40090US

Part Number: 4X90K06975


Any more technical detail and description of both ports that can be public is welcome.