viernes, 6 de octubre de 2017

Running Applets without Filenet Workplace XT.

Note to self: This is some information I got when I asked how to run the IBM Case Foundation (Filenet BPM) applets now, since Workplace XT is getting replaced with IBM Content Navigator.

"You can configure the Process applets including the Tracker to run from IBM Content Navigator. See the related link below.

With CPE fix pack, you can now run the Process applets as a standalone and you can run the Tracker application from within Process Designer.  Refer to the Readme at the link below.

Here is the related  excerpt:

In addition to launching from a Web browser (with Java plug-in support) as a Java applet, supports running Process Designer as a stand-alone Java application on Microsoft Windows client OS without requiring a browser. Process Configuration Console, Process Administration, and Process Tracker features are accessible from Process Designer. See techdoc 7049480 ( details

How to install the IBM FileNet P8 Case Foundation stand-alone Process Designer application on a Windows computer

Die Workplace XT !!! DIE !!!!