lunes, 21 de septiembre de 2015

Cheap From China: EasyCAP USB Video Capture

Note: This text was recovered from the since I lost a lot of files in some server HDD crash. 

I also got this device from an ebay seller in China. Very cheap, it was like $6.00 with shipping included.

The device description say it is not supported under Windows 7 64 bits. But I had tried it successfully with some drivers available on the internet.

Hardware Information

Win Hardware USB ID: USB\VID_EB1A&PID_2861
HardwareID:  EB1A:2861

Note: It is very important that you check the hardware id of this device, since it has been reported that there are four different device that looks the same.

Windows 10 - 64bits

Not tested: I no longer have this device to test in on other OSes.  

Windows 7 SP1- 64bits

Windows 7 (64bits) will recognize by default this device partially fine.
With this driver Windows 7 will recognize it as:
  • USB 2861 Device (the USB video capture) – It will install the device from “windows update”
  • USB Audio Device (recognized by default), But it may be wrong recognized by “windows update”
It may happen that by mistake Windows recognize the Audio USB input as “USB EMP Audio Device” and will not work.

On that case
1) unplug the EasyCap
2) Go to Windows “Device Manager” and right click the USB EMD Audio” and select “Uninstall”.

3) Select “delete the driver” and select “OK”

4) Plug again the EasyCap and quickly click on “Skip obtaining driver software from Windows Update”

This will force Windows to search for the driver on his hard driver and will recognize it as “USB Audio Device”, that will work.

Recording Software

This is Nero Vision under Windows 7 64 bits working with EasyCap USB to capture video.

(remember to select the correct input audio device too, Line (USB Audio Device))

sábado, 19 de septiembre de 2015

A Keyboard Dream

Keyboard !!! Why..... Why... Why !!!!

A keyboard may not be hot and sexy today, companies want mobile, cloud or big data. Sure a keyboard will not create the "disruption" on the market that marketing people and salesmen wants, but sometimes I got the strangest dream of a unified "Latin America Spanish", "Spain Spanish" and "English US" keyboard layout.

Latin America Spanish

Spain Spanish

US English

Issues, Problems and comments

  • Spain and LA keyboard has 62 keys
  • US Keyboard has 61 Keys.
  • Spain and LA keyboad has the same number of keys but a different symbol distribution.
  • English keyboard has a smaller "Enter" key.
  • Spain and LA has a bigger "Enter" key because the key get narrow on the bellow side, because Spanish language needs the "ñ" key on the keyboard.
  • Spain and LA has a smaller "Left Shift" key to allow the extra "<, >" button.
  • When you use a US English keyboard with a LA Spanish layout the thing that you miss the more is the  "<, >" button.


  • Will it be possible someday to have the same number of keyboard keys and key distribution (physical keys) on all the keyboards?
  • The culture is changing due some globalization, maybe they "symbol location" on they keyboards can eventually change to new standards that are shared by more languages... like for example is absurd to have one symbol distribution for Spanish LA and Spanish Spain. 
  • I only have experience writing in English and Spanish, so it can be good to have some company make an study about all languages keyboards. 
...maybe someday. 

viernes, 18 de septiembre de 2015

Hardware: Lenovo Wireless TouchPad K5923

HardwareID: HID\VID_17EF&PID_6046&REV_0109&MI_02
HardwareID: 17EF:6046


There is no driver needed. Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 just recognize it with the default Microsoft's drivers. 

On Windows 10, 64 bit, it get installed with the Microsoft default mouse drivers.

Windows 8.1 Gestures.

This are the gestures that works as default on the Windows 8.1 OS.



sábado, 12 de septiembre de 2015

Note to Self: How to create an Impress Template on OpenOffice 4.1.1

This is for me not to forget one way to create and modify a template for OpenOffice Impress 4.1.1.

Create a blank presentation:

Go to the "Master Pages":

Edit Master...

Right Click to add the background image:

Create a second page to have other master alternative too:

Insert any pictures to the masters using "Insert-Picture-From File..."

 Close the Master View

Create slides to test the Master Template

Select "Properties" to view the Layout that you want to apply  to that page. 

Save the File as OTP