sábado, 18 de febrero de 2017

Hardware: Lenovo Y Gaming Precision Mouse



  • Part Number :  GX30J34225
  • Model: M800
  • Windows Hardware ID: HID\VID_17EF&PID_6078&REV_1920&Col01
  • Hardware ID: 17EF:6078
  • Support Site: Lenovo Y Gaming Precision Mouse
  • Buttons: 7 Buttons
  • Special: 4 DPI available that can be change with center button. (Customizable DPI)


Windows 10 - 64bits: Version 1.19 

What is the back for?

I didn't know what the back of the mouse was for...
...until I saw the weights.

Mouse DPI and its importance?

Dots per inch (DPI) is a measurement of how sensitive a mouse is.  If the DPI is high the mouse will travel faster on the screen, so a high DPI is better to have more mouse sensitivity while playing games. But having a higher DPI is not always better, different gamers like different DPIs according to the game and taste.

This mouse has the "center button" that is called "2 Dots per Inch (DPI) switch button".
So with this button you can switch between:
- 1200 dpi
- 1600 dpi
- 2000 dpi
- 3200 dpi
It will show you on the top of the screen the DPI you switched, so you can choose what you like at the moment you want. You have four DPI settings by default, but you can also personalize it with the software that comes bundled with it.

The Software

It comes with a utility software to let you set the buttons and profiles.
It has an interesting Macro Editor which you can set to a button, a ey, or combination of keys.

You can also personalize the DPI settings for each of the four "memories" it has on the "center button".

Website Feedback

I had been reading some of the feedback on the Lenovo page to see what are the most common issued of the mouse.

1) Macros and Configuration not being saved on the config program.
 I had been trying version 1.19 of the Driver and software and all configuration is getting saved and works correctly.

2) Scrolling not running when running programs as administrator.
I tested and it is right. For example on Chrome and Firefox, it will not scroll if you run the software as admin. This is fixed with a simple workarround on running the Lenovo Y Mouse software as administrator too.

You can modify on the Windows Task Manager to make the application run as administrator when it runs, like the following picture. I worked for me (sorry, it is in spanish, but I hope you get the idea).

3) It is a big a mouse, it requires big hands to move it.
Not necessary, even that how you feel your mouse fits your personal behaviour, a good trick for the people with small hands is to increase the DPI level, so the mouse will move faster with less effort. Also you can take off the weights if you think it is too heavy for your hand.