lunes, 18 de marzo de 2013

Disturbing Quotes


“Hiring a Sales Man” Quote
“…so, the question here is: Are you Team Player or a Son of a Bitch? Because this job requires the second.”

“Find Budget for a No-Go Project” Quote
“Let’s use the Zapp Brannigan technique, let make the CFO think this project was his idea”

“Recursive Law”
“I will not tolerate intolerant people”

“Don’t Read Software License Agreement” Quote
“Lenovo’s Thinkvantage Access Connection is so cool I even installed it on my HP laptop”

IBM’s Lou Gerstner Jr.
“…look at the tombstones before accepting the job”

Political democratic truth
“You may think or say whatever you want, but you don’t have the votes”

Big Technology Company Partner
“If you want loyalty, get yourself a dog.”

Definition of Evangelism at Microsoft
“Evangelism is the art and science of getting developers to ship products that support Microsoft’s platforms”

"You call it improvisation, I call it continual improvement". 

"When someone shows you real evidence contradicting you, there is a 90% chance that the next thing you will say is an stupidity."


“La razón esta prostituida, todos creen tenerla”

“…hasta las últimas consecuencias o hasta las 6 de la tarde, lo que ocurra primero.”

"Tu lo llamas improvisación, yo lo llamo mejora continua".  

"En los negocios no hay que envidiar al que va a adelante, ni subestimar al que va atrás. Pero si hay que recordar que cualquier de los dos te puede hacer mierda. " 

"No hay hombres feos, solo billeteras vacías."

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