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Hardware: Eastron USB 2.0 TV Box

So, did you get an Eastron USB 2.0 TV Box?

This device is an OEM of the Sabrent TV-USB20, or that is at least what it looks like.  If you look for this device like “Eastron” it is very possible that you can not find anything on the web (except this page).

Just like the devil, this device has many names:
  • Eastron USB 2.0 TV Box
  • Sinovideo SV 3200 USB TV Box
  • Sabrent TV Tuner/Video Capture/DVR/DVD Maker USB 2.0 Box with Remote Control (ANALOG NTSC)
  • USB 2.0 TV Box


 This device comes with:
  • The USB TV Tunner
  • Remote Control
  • Driver CD (Windows XP)
  • Manual


Windows HardwareID: USB\VID_6000&PID_0001
HardwareID: 6000:0001


This device has a Trident TV Master chipset. (TM5600)


It came with a (now) unsupported/abandoware copy of InterVideo WinDRV 3. InterVideo was acquired by Corel and WinDRV was discontinued at once.


The Sabrent support web site, lists three drivers for this device. And once has a folder that says Windows 7 64bits.
  • TV-USB20 (ver 1)USB 2.0 TV Tuner Box  – Windows – 51MB
  • TV-USB20 (ver 2) - USB 2.0 TV Tuner Box  – Windows – 166KB
    Packaged: (2010-08-04)
    It only has Windows XP – Vista – Win7 drivers for 32bits and 64bits for the USB TV Video device.  Drivers Dated:
    tridvid.sys 2009-05-20
  • TV-USB20 (ver 3) -USB 2.0 TV Tuner Box  – Windows – 58 MB

Windows 10 - 64bits

Status: Partially Working - More testing needed.
Driver: TV-USB20 (ver 2)

Windows 10 recognized by default this device as "USB TV Box".  It seems to be wrong just like happened with Windows 8.1.
It installs the following wrong driver:

You need to follow a similar procedure as Windows 8.1, read the procedure that I wrote about that OS. But this time, when you uninstall the old driver, maybe you will need to disconnect from the Internet so Windows does not downloads the wrong driver again.

This is how it looks with the TV-USB20 (ver 2)  installed.

Windows 8 (8.1) - 64bits

Status: Working !!
Driver: TV-USB20 (ver 2) 

Windows 8 recognize this device and installs this drivers.

This is complete wrong. This driver that get recognized does not work at all. You need to install the Trident driver on Windows 8 (or 8.1) but there is a trick. The Trident drivers are not signed on a way Windows 8 recognize it.

The installation procedure goes this way:

1) Boot Windows 8.1 disabling "Force signed driver". If you don't know how to do it check this link.

2) Download the Trident Driver and disable your network. Windows 8 has the bad habit to try to get the driver from Microsoft Server.

3) Uninstall the TV BOX USB device and select "Remove the Driver".

4) Make the Device Manager to recognize the hardware devices again and it will find the device but will not install the driver.

5) Make a left click on it and select "Update Driver" and point it to the Trident Driver you downloaded.

It will tell you that the driver is not signed. Select "Install this driver software anyway"

 It will be recognized as "Trident Analog Video"

Here it is on Windows Device Manager. 

Here it is the driver installed on Windows 8.1

PVR - TV Tuner Software

I tried this on Windows Media Center TV Tuner.

Check on Wikipedia other PVR Software: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Comparison_of_PVR_software_packages

Windows 7 - 64bits

Status: Working !!
Driver: TV-USB20 (ver 2)
For Windows 7 (64bits), the TV-USB20 (ver 2) driver is working fine. Don't get the driver that gets automatically downloaded, cancel that download and install the sabrent drivers.

For TV Tuner software you can use the "Windows Media Center"

Windows XP (32bits)

Status: Working !!
Driver: TV-USB20 (ver 2)

On Windows XP 32bits the driver included on TV-USB20 (ver 2) is working fine.

For TV Tuner Software you can use the old Honestech TV 2.5 that is included here TV-USB20 (ver 1), the serial number is also included.

Product Pictures

Here it goes with the Eastron logo


 Sinovideo SV 3200 USB TV Box

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