martes, 1 de enero de 2013

Google TV and SlingBox Solo

I got the following:
  • Slingbox Solo
  • Sony Blu-ray NSZ-GT1 (Google TV)
The problem I got is that “Slingbox Solo” does not have wireless access, and I didn’t want to put an ethernet cable to my TV.

So, I thought, since the Sony Blu-ray is connected vía Wifi and has an ethernet port available, can it work as a router for the slingbox?

So the ideas was to have something like this:

So, it worked. I just connected the ethernet cable from the slingbox solo to the Blu-ray and it worked.
I didn’t make any changes to the Google TV device… it worked “like magic”.

Now I can see my TVShow anywhere:

Where is the SlingPlayer for Google TV?

Even that in my case it does not make sense to view the streaming programming from my Google TV, I tried the slingplayer that is on “Spotlight” to try it out.
The SlingPlayer is working fine on Chrome for Google TV

Some Local Cable Comments

Here in Ecuador I use TVCable. I was able to configure the Remote of the Motorola DCT700 cable box, Slingbox software (website) has it on the list of remotes supported.

The thing that I was not able to configure is to have the TVCable EGP (electronic guide programming) on the slingbox.

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