miércoles, 5 de junio de 2013

Websphere Business Modeler: The Business Items "Rules".

Something that is very cool about WBM are the things called "Business Items".

The Business Items are nothing more of the inputs and outputs that get generated in a process. Is the thing that gets created, modified or destroyed in the process (ok, remember that in nature nothing gets created or destroy, just transformed)

Here it is how a Business Item looks in a process:
But the business item, in this "Application" has a lot of stuff inside it.  

Just looks the attributes you can add to it, you can even put a "Business Item" inside other "Business item" 
Or the documentation stuff, text, files and links.

 And you can even document if the "Business Item" has stated... Approved, Draft, etc.
And we can tell the process which activity make the business item's state to change. Here is how it looks like.

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