viernes, 23 de agosto de 2013

Blueworks Live and Websphere Business Modeler 2013 Wish list

Dear Santa:

I know you are somewhere in the north pole making toys for the next Christmas, but for this time I want to request your elves to do some development work and try to improve a software that I like a lot which is “IBM Websphere Business Modeler” (WBM) and “BlueWorks Live”. 

WBM is a great “on premise” tool for process diagram, documentation and simulation, while Blueworks is an excellent tool for the cloud.  Both have their good and bad, but it will be great if you can found a way to make them work together. 

These are things that I miss about Websphere Business Modeler (WBM) on Blueworks:

  • WBM has two ways of showing a process graphics, swim lines and from “left to right”. On Blueworks you can only see it in swim lines.

  • On WBM you have freedom to move the lines (connection lines) of the activities. Blueworks is very hard on that. WBM has “Auto-layout Left to right” and options to shrink and expand the canvas size. (Link: Websphere Business Modeler - Spliting the Line  (June 2013))

  • The WBM Reports Template manager for reports may not be the best thing on earth, but it offers a lot of functionality when you want to generate al document process doc/pdf file to share it.  

  • In WBM you can play a lot on how you want to process to be displayed. Colors, tags on the upper and bottom parts of the activities.

o   Ex: Show the activities that the Human Resource Manager does in green color.

o   Ex: Create a color for a custom variable on the activity tasks

If you have some hard working elves I will like to request some improvements for Websphere Business Modeler too.

  • Update the eclipse version

  • Add Rational Team Concert client/support, or maybe real IBM BPM Process Center support.

  • Improve the Reports Template manager. Make it easy to use.

  • Don’t be afraid to steal some ideas from Blueworks and IBM BPM (Lombardi). Came on, you are Santa, we know it is not it is not stealing :)

o   Blueworks export to PowerPoint looks very cool.

o   Blueworks collaboration rocks

But I know Santa can do miracles, so why don’t make a challenging wish list then.  Let’s make WBM and Blueworks live together.

  • Turn WBM in the alternative for the customers that don’t want process modeling on the cloud.

Ok, Santa, I’m stopping here. But I want to tell you that you have a real good product called IBM Websphere Business Modeler and has a lot of potential left. Use is as inspiration for Blueworks live, or keep improving it to support the IBM BPM and IBM BPA strategy.


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