lunes, 6 de enero de 2014

Kworld USB Analog TV Stick III


HardwareID: USB\VID_1B80&PID_A41C&REV_4001&MI_01
HardwareID: USB\VID_1B80&PID_A41C&MI_01
Model: KW-UB405-A

Windows 8.1 - 64bits

Windows 8.1 recognize this device as "Conexant Polaris Video Capture" but does not make this device work.

It works with the the driver on kworld website will recognize the device on Windows 8.1:

Driver: (UB405-A、UB406-A、UB490-A、UB423-D、UB424-D) - V6.0113.0721.2114(WHQL)

Windows TV Tuner Software:


The program TiVme that is also available for download on the kworld homepage works on Windows 8.1 (Audio and Video). Sometime it crash but works good enought. 

Windows Media Center

The evil Windows Media Center on Windows 8.1 also works with this device.

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