martes, 27 de mayo de 2014

Google Maps Maker - It needs more love from Google - 2014-05 Review

Google Maps Maker needs more love.

It's GUI is terrible and everyday is getting harder to put content on Google Maps.

1) I get a lot of errors when trying to update an existing item. It told me to report the error, but there are some many that I have no idea where to start. Plus, it tells me to report the error URL but all looks like ""

2) Google moved the Map (of my city) and made all building areas I created based on the satellite map to look shifted.

3) On Google Maps, no matter how much you zoom, sometimes the things you added appears, and some other don't.

4) The Link between "Google Maps Maker" and "Google Plus locations" is not complete finished. I find some site at "Google Maps Maker" that I can not find at Google Plus. Also, "Google Maps Maker" items do not have a direct link to its "Google Plus" location page. (or I was not able to find it).

I really hope that Google can create some kind of link from Google Maps to edit the items and takes transparently to Google Maps Editor. 

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