viernes, 5 de septiembre de 2014

Using Geniuses as Commercial Advantage. Right or Wrong?

Lately I saw a commercial strategy of using the "Geniuses" that are hired or teamed on a company to show a commercial advantage for selling anything.
  • "Buy my product because we have "John Doe" that has a US Medal of Science"
  • "Hire my services because "Jane Doe", which has PHDs and a lot of Patents with her name, will be on the project". 
  • My company has "Pepe Doe" which is the only one on earth that can....
It this good or bad?

Sure it can be good, since you are using the recognitions of this people to have an advantage and since this persons are so good, it will be great to have them on a project. Nothing more great than working with a "recognized genius" and telling your friends that you worked with him. (Maybe you can even take a picture working with him). Plus their knowledge will be good for a project, all what he learn with the time and the ways to see things will make problems solving faster.

But it can be bad. Geniuses are only humans and if you hire a "one in kind" person for a project, you may be doomed to fail if that person is missing. What if he leaves in the middle of the project for a better job, a medical leave or any other reason? Ouch!!!.. you better find a replacement fast. And how easy will be to find "one of kind"?

The best way to share the knowledge and let the "Geniuses" train other people. Today I understand why all that thing called "TeamWork" used to be so important on the late 90's. Maybe today the word "TeamWork" it is only a cliche, but it is the base to deliver complex things.

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