lunes, 17 de noviembre de 2014

Rant about Google Nexus Player

I still haven't get a Google Nexus Player to replace Google TV, but I'm following the community at Google+'s Android TV.  I wanted to list a little bit of the users rant:

  • Google TV used to have an input HDMI port, so it can integrate the cable box. Nexus Player doe snot have the HDMI input port anymore, so it is a feature that is being missed.
  • Nexus Player has limited internal space (like every device on earth). There are some request that an USB device (HDD or SDCard) can be added to provide extra storage to the device to install more games and applications. 
  • Nexus Player does not have an Ethernet port, and some guys are complaining that Wifi g/n is not enough for their needs.  
  • A very limited Container/Codec support:
    • Missing native support for MPEG2 video.
    • Missing support for AC3 audio
  • A remote to control that can turn on and change the volume of other devices on the living room.
Even with this rant I still want to get Google's Nexus Player to replace Google TV.


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