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Hardware: Unitec Xbox controller for PC (USB) (Xbox-360 alike USB)

Box Covers:

Hardware Information:
HardwareID: 0079:0006
Windows HardwareID: USB\VID_0079&PID_0006

There are similar names of this device based on the HardwareID number:
  • DragonRise® generic usb joystick
  • Unitec control xbox para PC - U-C-708
  • Generic USB Joystick
  • DVTech Gamepad JS35 Shock Master

Included Driver:
The device came with some drivers on the CD. It includes the following files:
  • 32qu Twin USB Gamepad 64Bit Setup2.exe
  • 807 Network Joystick(4a12k)3.70a.exe
  • setup.exe 
  • USB Network Driver.exe
  • VID_0810&PID_0001 Twin USB Gamepad 64Bit Setup2.exe

Windows 8.1 - 64Bits

  • USB Network Joystick- CD

Driverless Install - Failure:

First I tried to install the gamepad without drivers on a Windows 8.1 - 64 bits machine without the included drivers: I failed, here are some screenshots.

It recognized it as "Generic USB Joystick"

It shows on the "Device and Printers" on Windows 8.1

It installed the default Microsoft Drivers, which didn't work.

Even that it get recognized as a Joystick, you can not test it and it don't work.

Driverless Install - Working - But Strange (Lenovo?):

On a Lenovo machine In plugged with device without installing the drivers.  It recognized the device as "Generic USB Joystic", but it assigned a different driver to it:

It is very strange that it get recognized as a Lenovo device, with a Lenovo driver. The most strange thing is that the "test" of the Gamepad is working fine:
Very strange but it started working.

DriverInstall - Working - Lenovo Machine:

On the same Lenovo machine Installed the driver of the CDs.  At the end it used the same "ApsHM64.sys" driver, but it installed "Gamepad Configuration" on Windows 8.1.

On the Windows Gamepad Configuration I got: 
Now I got a driver version for it:
The Rumble didn't worked on Windows 8.1. When I try that tab, I get a Windows error that closes the configuration window. But it get fixed when I updated the driver to version 3.70a.

This error got fixed with version 3.70a in Windows 8.1 64bits

I'm complete lost why is Windows 8.1 recognizing the driver as "ApsHM64.sys" on this Lenovo machine.


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