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Hardware: Matricom G-Pad BX Wireless USB Rechargeable Bluetooth Pro Game Pad Joystick

To turn it on/off press the "Mode" button for a while.

This gamepad has three available modes:
  • Mouse = Mode + A
  • Android = Mode + X
  • IOS = Mode + B

Windows 10 - 1607- x64

It does not requires any drivers to be installed.  I had tested the "Mouse" and "Android" mode.

You need to pair it by:

1) Access Windows  "Add a Bluetooth Device".

2) Press the "Mode+X" buttons (or the mode you want to pair) at the same time on the controller so the lights starts blinking.
3) On the screen select the "Bluetooth Gamepad" and select "Pair". It will take a little while and it will say "Connected".

At that time the lights on the controller will stop blinking and only one light will remain turned on. (depending on the mode).

Android Mode: You can check the  "Control Panel - Setup USB Game Controller" and if it is paired on "Android Mode" it will recognize the buttons without problems.

Mouse Mode: If you selected this mode, it will also be recognized as a Game Controller but you will move the mouse with the control of right thumb.  L1 is left lick, R1 is right click.  The controller will show the second light turned on once it is paired.

iOS Mode: On Windows I was able to pair it with this mode. Two lights of the controller turned on at the same time (the first and the second light) but it was not able to make it work on Windows.  The buttons are recognized as different combinations of key strokes, so I think that this mode may be useless on Windows.

Some Other Pictures:

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