lunes, 23 de enero de 2017

The robots built in China will help take away China's Jobs.

It sounds like history repeating:
  • A company that creates animated movies hired a lot of animators on the US to create their movies.
  • After some years they found out that animators salaries are expensive and that they can outsource it's animators to other countries. 
  • So the company reduce it's size, it only depends on creative people for the story and some high level animators to set the road for the overseas animator's outsourced army. 
  • After some time, technology evolves, and movies can be created by a smaller group of animators behind a computer. 
  • The outsourced army of animators are fired, the jobs get back to the US, but now with a reduced team. 
Today China may be the factory and workforce of the world. They produce the good products and the bad products too, the expensive stuff and the cheap things. With the coming of mechatronics maybe China's last creations will be the one that take away their jobs.

It is the CFO dream to reduce a factory of 1000 workers to an outsourced cheaper factory, but it is his wildest dream on earth to reduce the 1000 outsourced workers to a one shot machinery expense and a group of 20 people to operate those.

Just imagine the an hypothetical logo on the next device you will buy on the future:

(Original Source:

So, Mechatronics may be the future, but the humans also needs to evolve to do more complex jobs. Just like Charlie's fathers on "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory", it is not a high paid job for humans to just screw the toothpaste cap, but when he returned to fix the machine that fired him, that was "payback".

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