sábado, 15 de julio de 2023

Evil Wikipedian Award

 We need to create this award. 

    And the "Evil Wikipedian Award" of the year goes to....

These are the Wikipedians that like to delete things, no matter if a post is true or not, they just delete things because it is "not relevant" or just by trying to follow the post guidelines.

A good Wikipedian, if finds something that had been posted that is truth but do not conforms the posting guidelines, he/she will try to improve it to follow the wikipedia standard.
But an Evil Wikipedian will just be too lazy to find a reference or to improve it, he will just delete it because it is quicker.  

There are also some Evil Wikipedian that will follow some stupid Wikipedia rules about "relevancy" of things. It results that sometimes the relevance of things depends or the individual, so this person caprice will decide if the information goes into Wikipedia or not.

We need to congratulate this evil force of nature called "Evil Wikipedians".  We need to find a way to measure which Wikipedians delete more things than they post. If the excuse why they delete things is "not relevant" we have our winner !!

 We need to create this award.

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