martes, 28 de mayo de 2013

Exporting from Websphere Business modeler to .bpmn to Blueworks Live

Ok, I tried to export a simple process test from Websphere Business Modeler, converting it to .bpmn.

Here it the process in Websphere Business Modeler .7.

I exported this model in .bpmn and uploaded it to Blueworks Live.  Here it is the results. 

The "Entrada" (Input) and "Salida" (Output) was not converted as I will like to.

What about if I export it as XPDL (used by Filenet) and import it to Blueworks Live.
Looks better, but I don't know what that "LaunchStep" is. It must be something specific about XPDL format. 

I will keep trying with more complicated models. 

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