miércoles, 29 de mayo de 2013

Google TV and the evil locked bootloader

After seeing the news of Google TV going to Android version 4.2.2, I thought:
  • "This could be good news, it can be a good thing for the custom ROM community."

Since moving the GTV platform from the close source Android 3 to the open one 4.2.2 can represent more access to the source code and more possibilities to custom development.

But I was complete wrong, there is one limitation for custom ROMs on the Google TV platform. The device manufactures has "Locked BootLoaders" on the Google TV devices. That's why it can not be possible to install custom ROMs.

I found this unfair, specially for Google TV devices that are no longer supported by it's manufacturers. The fair thing will be is that manufacturers release the keys of the bootloaders for the consumers to do whatever they want with the device they pay for.

The manufacturers can rely on every contract term to say if you screw the device it is not my fault, but they have to unlock the bootloaders.

This is why everybody asks for a "Nexus Google TV"

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