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Cheap from China: VONets Wifi Bridge - VAP11G

I always wanted to try one of this adapters. This is a wifi network interface that connects to the Ethernetport. So, if you have a device that do not have Wifi and only have Ethernet, you can use one of this to connect this device to a Wifi access point.

This can be usefull for devices like TVs, Xbox, Ethernet only printers , old ethernet computers, or even for OS/2-eComStation when you don't have a wifi adapter driver for it.

So I got this VAP11G at ebay for $17 to try it out.


Please notice that the application (since it is not a driver after all) are only required to configure the device and set the SSID specs. After that to make it work, you just need to plug it into the ethernet port of the device that is required to be connected to the wifi network.


Official Site:


You need to configure this device first to put the SSID and the password. Once it is configured you can take it to any other device with Ethernet port to try it out.

To configure it you need to install the "VAP11G Setup" software that came with the adapter.  This software also uses "WinPCap" to make a bridge with the adapter in Windows and allow you to configure it.


Windows 8 (64 bits)

Require: VONETs VAP11G WiFi Bridge Configured Tool (5.62 MB) -
and:  WinPcap 4.1.3

After installing the requirements the VAP11g Wifi Bridget Configuration tools works fine.

It found the network adapter

It found all wifi networks on the area

Allowed to put the password on it.
 After that the VAP11G green light started to flash.

Windows 7

 Not tried yet.

Windows XP

I was able to configure the device using Windows XP. WinPCap and VAP11G run fine under this OS. I was able to configure the wifi network with VAP11G and I got it read to make it work with a local ethernet only printer and also with a PC with eComStation

The printer and PC worked fine. They both were able to connect to the wifi via the ethernet port.

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