martes, 4 de marzo de 2014

Pure Jongo A2

It brought my attention that this device has a Wifi and Bluetooth, so it is goo to play your music inside you home with wifi without the need to be on the same room of the device using bluetooth.

How it works:

  • It works also like bluetooth speaker devices. (Android and Windows 8 tested)
  • It works to play music with wifi using the "Pure Connect" android application. 
  • If you are playing music with a device paired with bluetooth and you connect other device (android tablet) with the "Pure Connect" application, and play something,  it will  stop the bluetooth device and gives priority to the Wifi device.


  • The Wifi button on the bottom will make the device to start his own SSID so you can connect to it to configure it with your browser.  
  • You can connect to it with the browser only to set up the Wifi network to which the device connects and change the name of the device. 

Things it can do out of the box

Play Internet Radio:

The free Pure Connect application on "Google Play" has a list of Internet radios that you can choose. 

Play Music that is located in your Phone:

If you have some music on your phone you can also use the Pure Connect app to search what do you want to play.

Other Things It can do:

Pure Jongo A2 and Plex:

You can set up an Plex server at your home PC and later using the "Pure Connect" Android App you can play the music that is on you PC (shared withe Plex).

Use Pure Jongo A2 as a Bluetooth Speaker for Windows

Windows can recognize Pure Jongo A2 as a bluetooth speaker, so if you have you PC close to the Jongo device it can work that way.

Things that I want to do but I can't:

  • Play music directly from Windows itunes using Wifi. (The only options is Bluetooth)
  • Play Windows apps like VLC or Google Music (browser) using the Wifi. (The only options is Bluetooth) 
  • Play Spotify, Tunein, Pandora, etc... from an Android device using Wifi.  (The only options is Bluetooth)

 Making it belive it is a ChromeCast

Something that will be really cool is to make android apps belive that the "Pure Jongo A2"  is a Chromecast device.

With that you can use "Google Play Music", "Plex" and "Spotify" from your phone and make them sound on the Jongo A2.

It is not possible now, but the application "AllCast" for android is very close to do that.

We need to follow the future versions of  "AllCast"



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