martes, 7 de abril de 2015


I want to invent a new acronym (or abbreviation) and I don't know where to register it. 

BYCOYOA is a new acronym that works to reply a message giving a warning that things are not going very polite and we need to cool off.  So I was thinking on some examples like:

1) When someone insist to much on his idea and it is getting annoying you can answer:
BYCOYOA, I think we need to check the options and evaluate more ideas before doing what you are asking for.
2) Or when you have a developer that thinks that he knows everything and he ignores what the users are requesting:
BYCOYOA, why don't you take some time to evaluate what the users are asking for, maybe you can work something out.
3) Or when you have a user that complains too much about an open source (and free of charge) software to the developer:
BYCOYOA remember that I do this for fun and I don't get any profits, if you will like to fund my development I a need a $$$$ advance in my bank account. 

BYCOYOA = Before you choke on your own arrogance.

St. Wil Wheaton, please give me strength to don't use this acronym ever, I don't want to fail you:

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