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Cheap from China: EasyCAP Video input device - USBTV007 EasyCAP

I replaced the old EasyCAP device with one that I thought it was the same, but the hardware ID is different. According to what I read there are four different EasyCAP device that looks the same.

So, don't be fool by these pictures:

Hardware ID

The first thing to do it "check the Hardware ID", be sure which device it is because there are four devices that looks the same.

Win Hardware USB ID: USB\VID_1B71&PID_3002
HardwareID:  1B71:3002

Check it on Windows on the "Device Manager", on the name of the device click "Properties":

Windows 10 x64 202H (2021-05-27 Update)

On this Windows 10 update it seems to became a new problem. The drivers are not installed by default by Windows. 
Windows recognize it as "usbtv007" no drivers are found on the Microsoft Windows Update site.
This driver worked for me: 
- https://drive.google.com/uc?export=download&id=0B6jYdmLkYLehdWRFSC13aWpvUzA


Windows 10 x64

Working: On Windows 10 x64 this device gets recognized as "USB TV Tuner" without any special driver, it just get the one from "Windows update".

 I used to have some problems

Software Tested:

  • Nero Video on Windows 10 x64

  • USB TV BOX 5.0 on Windows 10 x64

USB TV Box is include here: ZEB-UP2012.zip  (Alternative Link on the Wayback machine)

Note that there is a button on this program to change the Video Source to AV and that you can change the configuration to switch it to "NTSC_M" according where you live.


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