martes, 2 de octubre de 2018

Hardware: Lenovo 500 Multimedia Controller Review

I got my hands on the Lenovo 500 Multimedia Controller and here it is my review:

  • HardwareID: 17EF:60B7 (USB Dongle)


It does not provides any specific drivers for any platform. Windows 10 will install its own drivers.


The touchpad works fine on Windows and the options for multitouch does what it promise. It is important to check the manual to be sure what is available.


Android TV

Yes, I had used it on an Android TV Sony device and it worked fine too. When you need to type a lot (which is not supposed to happen on a TV) it is very useful. The mouse pointer also shows up on Android TV and works fine.


I also tried this device on a Lenovo Thinkpad Stack Projector (that runs Android 6.0.1) and it worked very good. Volume, pause/play, forward keys worked fine. Click on tap, two finger scrolling and three finger left/right swapping also works.


Yes, I tried this controller with OS/2 Warp (ArcaOS) to see if it works. It worked very good. Mouse and keyboard works fine. Tap to click worked. The multitouch mouse does not work fine since OS/2 does not have support for it, but some of the combinations produced some actions on it.


Great device, it does exactly what it offers. It feels very smooth and high quality on my hands.

If I had to complain something about this device is that it should came with a carring bag and you can not put the USB dongle inside the device for storage. Note. I correct myself, you can add the dongle inside the device to don't loose it.


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