martes, 9 de octubre de 2018

"Uber CEO: We're Going After Groceries Next "

This news from Slashdot was interesting:

Uber is digging deeper into the business of food. From a report: Uber's restaurant delivery business "Eats" hit $6 billion in bookings earlier this year, growing over 200%, quickly becoming a crown jewel for the ride-sharing company. Uber CEO Dara Khosrowshahi said given the success in the delivery of food, the next logical step is to enter the grocery space. "We will move into grocery. That's fundamental. A lot more people will be eating at home. Right now we are busy with Eats, but you can see grocery as an adjacent business. We're thinking about Uber much more as a platform," he said at Vanity Fair's New Establishment Summit 2018 on Tuesday.

We are in the days where the "disruption" happens because businesses can not properly manager their customers network. AirBnB does not has hotels, but showed customers (and providers) an easy way to do business.  Uber does not have cars, and taxi drivers were the first ones to suck maintaining their customers network, the regular taxi driver just drive someone somewhere and never see him again, so there was the opportunity to take away their customers network. So today, the disruption means managing the customer network better than the traditional business.

If groceries are the next thing, convenience stores should be worried to be competing hard for getting Uber attention (and deals). Little convenience stores will register to Uber and start competing between each other to be selected by Uber customers to sell their products and Uber will get their fee from they.

The customer will always pay at the end, but if it is really an issue that final customers don't want to go to the local convenience store or talk to the clerk, it may succeed.

Are convenience stores going to be the next "Uber's bitch" ?

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