sábado, 16 de febrero de 2019

All or Nothing - Desperation for "New Markets".

I don't know what it is wrong with some business people. They are expecting "magic" instead of working hard. If someone has a making money idea and if it is not an "Billion Dollars Idea" it is not worthy for them. They need big amounts of earnings and they need it fast and easy. I call that "a miracle" but they have faith the idea will show up and call that "New Markets". Until the day the miracle comes, they prefer to sit and loose money, market share and customers by not implementing an idea, because it was not worthy for their "New Market" crazy dream.

Improving an existing product and taking care of the customer base is no longer a priority for them, the priority is to make lots of money fast and trying to find the magic product that will sell like hotcakes on a "New Market".

You need to work hard and create that "New Market". You need to have a product, customers and necessities to cover. The "New Market" do not appear like magic, a market emerge because someone creates a product that people wants, not because "it is time for a New Market".

Maybe those people I complain about are only the leeches that instead of creating the "New Market" want to wait for it to just became the second or third on that market, like business people reacting and not leading.

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