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Hardware: Genius G-Note 7100

I found it on sale, new, so I wanted to take a try.

First, notice that this "digital note taking" (tablet?) tool works this way:
  1. It digitize the things you write paper, using the included pens, and  stores it inside the tablet's storage. 
  2. If it is plugged to your computer it is recognized as a "Mouse Pen" and as storage device. You can use the pen hovering over the tablet to move the mouse and when you press down it clicks.
  3. The device has 32MB of internal storage (FAT).
The stuff that gets digitized on the tablet gets stored as .DNT image file. This file can be opened with "Digital Organizer" software. 

The Pen 

The pen has a battery inside and the G-Note 7100 comes with one in black color and other in red color.
The black color is recognized on the tablet as #1. You can see that on the tablet's little display.

The red one is recognized as #3

Which one is #2?

Replacement Pen:

What if I broke or lose the pen? I will need to find out which Pens works with this tablet.

Pen Battery

The pens seems to use a battery of 1.4V. I went to the electronic store to find a replacement and seems that the GP PR48 (AC13 and DA13 are other codes on the package)

Pen Replacement ink:

It wasn't that bad at the end. My local store (SuperPaco) did have that replacement ink and worked fine on the Genius Pen. But it cost me USD $4 for one replacement when I can see something similar in the Internet for $5 the 10 replacements.

Some that I have seen that may work are:
  • The one I got working says "LAMY M21 - 112 - ISO 12757-2 DM DOC GERMANY"
  • I bought also the "Logitech IO Digital Pen Ink Refills Model: 672262-0500" and it also works. 
  • The "RR-AIPTEK DIGITAL PEN REFILL" also looks that it can fit.


Hardware ID: HID\VID_5543&PID_6003


Notice that the installer included on the CDROM will not run in newer version of Windows (Win7 and Win8).

Included Software

  • MyScript Notes for U Trial (Included on the CD).  
    • I can no longer find information about this software. It seems to be discontinued and replaced by "MyScript Studio Notes Edition". 
  • Digital Organizer version 1.01.2006.0621
    • It is old and the installer does not run on Windows 8. But the binaries stills runs directly. 

eComStation 2.x and OS/2

I also tried this device on eComStation 2.1. The device get recognized as an storage device and allows you to copy the files stored in the tablet.

Using the WACOM driver for OS/2-eCS I noticed that when you plug the tablet to the computer, the mouse clicks with the pen, but does not move the pointer when hovering it over the tablet. 

Windows 8.1 - 64bits

Windows 8.1 recognize this device by default. It works ok with the default installed driver from Windows, it does need any extra drivers.

Windows 8 - 64bits

Windows 8 recognize this device by default. 
All are the generic Windows 8 drivers from 21/06/2006. 

The internal storage and the "Mouse Pen" works without problems on Windows 8 64bits.

Windows 7 - 64bits

Windows 7 - 64 bits also recognize the device with the default Microsoft drivers. Also the internal storage and the "Mouse Pen" works without problems.

Other Software

There are some other software that I found interesting to be used with this device:

MyScript Studio Notes Edition by VisionObjects (Windows):

This Windows software allows you to convert the handwriting text images to recognized text. It can open .dnt files.

MyScript Stylus by VisionObjects (Windows): 


This software shows  a little icon on Windows texts areas, when you can click and it open a window pad where you can draw the letters you want to be recognized. When it get recognized you can put the words inside the text area.

This software is a very good idea to interact with your OS with handwritten text. Not sure how useful it can be, but it is very interesting.


This is an open source software (discontinued) that can open .DNT files and change its format.

URL: https://code.google.com/p/gnotedigitalorganizer/


Extra Pics


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