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Hardware: Genius MaxFighter F-31U Vibration Joystick


Hardware ID: 0458:3019
Win Hardware ID: HID\VID_0458&PID_3019

Stuff on the back:
  • Model: MaxFighter F-31U Vibration
  • Number: 12040086100-A 
  • Made in China


Windows 10 - 64 Bits

The device get recognized by Windows and install the following drivers:

Windows 8 - 64 Bits

I tried it on Windows 8 64 bits. It installs by default a 10-Button USB Joystick. Which seems to work ok.

Checking "Devices and Printers" you can see it and access to the properties.

The buttons works and the slider, z rotation, point of view hat, and joysticks works fine. A "Calibration" may be required on the "Settings" tab. 

Windows recognize it as a "HID-complaint game controller" and "USB input device". The driver recognized by default is the Microsoft one.

The Specific Driver.

After installing it on Windows 8, I noticed that the Genius website has a Windows 7 driver dated from (2010-11-29). So I tried it.

The properties page was update. It also worked fine. 

The vibration test gave me problems, It will knock down the properties application. 

This driver is from Padix Taiwan: 

It has the following:
  • dyncal64.sys - Padix Co. Ltd. 6.0.6000.0518
  • rfclsvr64.dll - Padix Co. Ltd.
  • rfvibra264.dll - Padix Co. Ltd. 6.0.6000.0518
  • rfvibra64.dll -  Padix Co. Ltd. 6.0.6000.0518

After installing  Rockfire Vibrate Gamepad Driver4.0 for Windows 8 -x32 and x64 (2013-02-01)  the vibration started to work without problems.

Windows 7 - 64 Bits. 

On Windows 7 - 64bits it is the same procedure. It also get recognized by Windows and you can also install the Genius driver.


I need to try some of the vibration supported games:


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