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ThinkPad Full-Size UltraNav USB Keyboard

This awesome keyboard is from the "Windows XP" era, so I wanted to tried it out and keep using it more modern OSes.


  • Windows HW ID: HID\VID_06CB&PID_0009
  • HardwareID: 06CB:0009

Stuff that says on the back:
  • Model No: SK-8835
  • FRU P/N: 02R0400


  • Synaptics (2015-09-22) - Offered by Driver Easy ( Not working)
  • Synaptics - 12/17/2014 (Link Lenovo)(n15gx11w.exe) - 48.9MB (Working)
  • Synaptics - 05Aug14 - - (n10gx25w.exe) - 48.9MB (Working)
  • Synaptics  - (Working)

Windows 10 - 64bits (21H1)

I tested this device and it worked and got recognized by Windows without any special downloader driver. If you install Synaptics (2015-09-22) - Offered by Driver Easy, the trackpoint and ultranav will stop working.  
Under Investigation.

Windows 10 - 64bits (1607)

It has a similar problem as Windows 8.1, it downloads a driver from the MS site that blocks the trackpoint and trackpad (Ultranav). The keyboard works with the default MS driver.

Under Investigation.

Windows 8.1 - 64 Bits.

Working Driver:  Synaptics - 12/17/2014  / 05Aug14 / Synaptics v15.3.39.1 23Dec11 /

I tried this keyboard on Windows 8.1 - 64bits and it worked fine with several Synaptics driver version. The last one that installed and worked ok was "Synaptics - 12/17/2014"

Here are some pics:

Version 15.x.x.x.x was also working fine on Windows 8.1 64bits.

Windows 8 - 64 Bits. 

Working Driver: Automatically Installed by Windows - Synaptic

By Default Windows 8 - 64  bits installs Synaptics driver for this keyboard. The track point is working fine, but the trackpad was recognized but the cursor does not work at first. On the next reboot it worked without problems.

Windows 7 - 64 Bits

Working Driver: Automatically Installed by Windows - Synaptic

Windows 7 recognize both mice (trackpoint and trackpad) as "Compatible HID Mouse".  Both mice does not works by default.

So inspired on what happened on Windows 8 I found where is the  Synaptic I found it on a Lenovo site and installed it on Windows 7. After a restart the two mice (trackpoint and trackpad) was working fine.

The only trick here was that I have to unpack all the installer in a directory just executing the exe. After that I want to Windows'sv"Device  Manager" and installed the drivers by hand by making a right click on both mice devices and selecting "Update Driver Software..." and pointing it to the driver unpacked directory.

After that it got working normally on Windows 7.

Newer Drivers:

I tried the  Synaptics drivers on the site, version, and it didn't worked with this keyboard. But I had found that version 18 that works fine on the latest Windows 8.1 64bits.

Support Page:

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  1. did the track keys above the pad also work with Windows 10 - 64bits (21H1)?